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The real estate industry is vast with many potentials, and all players need to possess certain qualities and expertise to succeed. So as you plan to become the next hot Sacramento real estate agent, be ready for total commitment.

Services provided by real estate agents are critical to both the buyers and sellers. Homebuyers and sellers are always looking for the best agents to handle their home transactions. 

To cement your reputation as a competent agent, you must maintain certain traits to attract buyers and sellers. Every buyer and seller consciously or unconsciously check attributes before entrusting an agent. 

This article explores some of the personality traits every real estate agent should have. 

Top 10 Attributed Every Real Estate Agent Should Possess 

A real estate agent is a professional licensed by necessary authorities to represent or handle real estate transactions on their behalf. Mainly, such transactions involve a buyer agent and a seller agent, with both expressing the best interest of their respective clients. 

Agents earn income through commissions, and their ability to close a deal determines how much they get. The best real estate agents out there have some if not all of these skill set qualities under their belts:  

1. Determination and Drive

The first personality trait is the spirit of determination. The market can be frustrating sometimes, therefore needs purpose-driven agents. 

Passion, determination, and the will to serve others should be the basics of your career, and your drive would automatically bring other qualities like integrity, transparency, and competence.  

2. Integrity and Persistence

The real estate market involves vast amounts of money exchanging hands, and it takes agents with solid morals and ethics. Some agents try to be inconsistent with their agency fees when they realize huge funds are involved. 

Some even misrepresent the facts or under-declaring faults when preparing disclosures. But, to remain in business and build a long-term relationship with buyers and sellers, you need to keep your integrity intact. 

You’ll also need to be persistent. Though this trait can be annoying sometimes, remember that nothing is achieved easily. You sometimes need to set potential deals into motion by pursuing clients.

3. Negotiation Skills 

The real estate market involves negotiations, whether you are selling or buying. An agent, therefore, needs that vital negotiation skill to pull through deals. Your negotiation skills would prove critical when setting your commission, listing a home, and selling a home. 

You should adopt different skills when working with sellers and buyers. You should also work in your client’s best interest by getting the lowest price possible when purchasing and be committed to your pricing to get the best price for your client selling their house. 

Remember, your reputation relies heavily upon how well you close a transaction. One of the best skills you can possess is negotiation power! 

4. Effective Communication Skills

You will always have to interact/speak regularly with sellers and potential buyers as an agent. The way you communicate with them will determine whether or not they will want to do business with you or seek another agent to represent them. 

You’ll also need that skill to build stronger bonds and relationships with other professionals in the industry. If you’re the quiet type, you will need to step up your game to engage in effective communication. 

Strong communication skills include being a good listener, the ability to probe and ask questions, and maintaining eye contact. The person you are speaking to should feel the vibe and reciprocate. 

5. Ability To Learn On The Job

The real estate market is enormous, and you cannot know everything offhand. As an agent, you should be ready to learn some things on the job. You should be aware of the latest trends in the industry and learn how to apply them.

6. Transparency 

Transparency is vital in business dealings, including in the service industry, and it allows your business to be built on trust and reliability. Your clients should have detailed information on every transaction, which helps improve the communication between both parties. 

With the help of software and artificial intelligence, you can respond to clients’ inquiries, analyze data, and automate some aspects of your job. Research shows that most people spend a substantial part of their day online. 

Use these tools to increase your reach. You can sign up on social media platforms, create a business page and run ads to get more clients. It’s also imperative that you stay abreast of innovative technologies offered in newer homes. 

Remember, knowledge is power!  

8. Ability to Read Client’s Emotion

Every top Sacramento real estate agent typically can read and understand a client through their expressions. Being attentive and reading your client’s actions at any point in time can help you know what they need or come up with a solution to their problem. 

Since trustworthiness is critical in this business, your clients should be able to trust you to handle all their home transactions with or without their involvement. You should be ready to demonstrate that by putting their interests first. 

9. Self-Motivated 

The real estate industry is full of ups and downs, and you can succeed only when you possess a high level of self-motivation. You should encourage yourself to move on and remind yourself of your potential during an off day.

Be ready to switch plans, think outside the box, and make things happen instead of giving up when things are going as planned.

10. Be Open To Learning 

Everybody has weaknesses, but it’s good to know that you can improve as you go. Don’t be too hard on yourself. There is something called learning on the job, which you can achieve through dedication and willingness to learn. 

Build on your shortfalls while learning new skills from experienced industry experts. You are in a competitive space; nonetheless, try to make friends and build lasting social networks. These are the only ways to survive as an agent in the real estate industry.


Having the qualities needed to close your next real estate deal isn’t something you can learn overnight. You’ll need to take the time necessary to work on all these characteristics and then add them accordingly to compliment your real estate style. 

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