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Did you know that people born between 1965 and 1979 are the largest home selling demographic in the US? As times change, so do people and their circumstances. That may mean downsizing or changing neighborhoods, but more often than not, it means knowing when you need more space. 

A time may come when decluttering and reorganizing no longer cuts it, especially when you need more than one additional square foot. Read on as we discuss the seven signs that indicate you need Sacramento real estate experts to find you a bigger home. 

More Children than Bedrooms

Plans change, and so does the size of your family. You may have started in your San Francisco one-bedroom apartment comfortably with lots of room and storage. However, the arrival of children can mean you need more space and bedrooms. 

At a particular moment, children will begin to need their own space. They’ll need their own bedroom where they can get used to sleeping away from mom and dad. If not, they become too dependent on their parents and can suffer from separation anxiety when forced to sleep alone. 

The amount of equipment and clothes they accumulate takes up even more floor space, including baby chairs, clothes, toys, and cribs. Once all the gifts from the family begin to arrive, you can find yourself struggling for storage. 

All of these items also become less useful very quickly. The car seat that no longer fits, the clothes for newborns, and other items don’t have a long shelf life as the baby grows. They need replacing, and the old ones need to be sold or stored. 

If this sounds familiar to you, it might be time to discuss buying a bigger home in Sacramento, San Jose, East Sacramento, Tahoe Park, the Bay area, or somewhere else in Northern California.

Taking the Leap

If you decide to talk to someone who deals with real estate in the Sacramento housing market, make sure you discuss your growing family and housing costs. They may have some industry tips or properties in mind with extra outbuildings, garages, and storage options. 

You should also include details about the type of community you are looking to buy homes in and whether or not you plan on buying in Sacramento County or if you plan to leave California. If you are selling your existing home first, be sure to check out the Sacramento market before you become one of the many buyers looking for an excellent deal on a new house.

You Need a Home Office

The global pandemic meant a shift in working arrangements for many people. Heading to the office became a distant memory and rare occurrence. Many folks have switched to home working, with many organizations encouraging it. In fact, some employment now requires people have home office space.

Attending conference calls or online meetings can be problematic for people who do not have a remote place to work in their homes. As you can imagine, working from the kitchen table as the family goes about their day can be pretty distracting.

You need to have space for working that minimizes distractions and allows you to focus on your business needs. Having a dedicated space can improve your mental health, allowing you to separate the working hours from relaxing, entertainment, and family time. 

Even if you live in a single-family home, the cost to add a home office might not make sense when you need more space overall. Realtors in the Sacramento market can provide you with the median sales price for the neighborhoods you are interested in living in.

Regardless of whether you’re thinking about North Sacramento, the Bay area, or somewhere else in Sacramento County, be sure to partner with real estate agents that can give you accurate prices for the neighborhoods you are considering purchasing a house in.

Lifestyle Changes

There are several phases in life where you need or want different types of accommodation. You may want to move from an apartment to a house, or the area may just not fit with your style of living anymore. Luckily, any good Sacramento, California real estate agent will be able to provide you with a range of options. 

For example, you may be single or living as a couple in an apartment building and have all the space you ever needed. But, the arrival of children may mean you want a home in a neighborhood with a yard for them to play in.

Retirement Years

When you are closer to retirement, you may also decide you want a quiet, peaceful country home in a neighborhood that caters to older folks. Whether you live in the State Capital now or somewhere else near Sacramento, California, you may want to check out some other cities in which you can afford to buy a house.

You’re the only person who knows where the best place to live will be over the course of your life and when something in life changes, you’ll need to seek financial advice to make the best decision.

The Sacramento housing market can shift at any moment, and there can be multiple offers above the asking price for some properties.

It’s quite different now compared to a decade ago or even last year, where the interest rates were less appealing, and the housing market was flooded with houses. If you are ready to make a change, now is the perfect time to partner with a realtor to see your options as a buyer.  

Unexpected Family Circumstances

It is not only the patter of tiny feet that can mean family upheaval. Older children and relatives are just as likely to make a shift in your living conditions. In fact, it is now almost a given that older children will return home at some point before finally making it on their own. 

These are known as boomerang children. They leave the parental house to pursue education or a career. However, with property prices so high, many return to the family home to save money for deposits on houses, cars, etc. Unless they’ve become real estate investors, the housing market can be daunting to young buyers and sellers.  

Other than boomerang children, you may have elderly relatives in the family. If they don’t have the money to pay a care facility or buy a smaller house in the region with visiting nurses, moving in with you may be their only option. However, it does mean the need for extra space becomes imperative once again. 

You Have Nowhere to Put Things

As life goes on, we accumulate many things through the years. Some of this we need, some of it we don’t. Some of it is just there to make us feel better and assert our individuality or personal interests.

What all of it does is make a mess. You may have books stacked on the staircase or gym equipment in the hall. You may find yourself struggling to store clothes in your bulging wardrobes. 

All of this means that you need more storage. You can clean out closets and sell things, but that only goes so far. This is one of the key signs you need to check the Sacramento real estate market for a new house.

Get in touch with a realtor you can trust and who will provide you with ample directions on preparing your house for a seller’s market.

However, keep in mind that putting your house on the market will require that some of your stuff be stored somewhere else that you can have access to without it being present in your home.

Real estate investors may not mind seeing all your stuff, but potential buyers in the housing market will only pay what they feel the property is worth.

No Room To Entertain

The pandemic did not only change the parameters for how we work. It also changed the notion of how we spend our time. As leisure facilities shut down, many people moved towards entertaining in the home and avoiding going to the city. 

This could mean you have the desire to build a cinema hub or create a gaming room. A home bar fully stocked may be in the cards, but you just can’t fit it into your small San Francisco apartment. Perhaps you just don’t have the room to invite friends and family over for a night of entertaining.  

In all these situations, you need to upgrade. A real estate agent with knowledge about the housing market in Sacramento may even be able to find properties with these features already existing in a house.

Depending on the prices and how much you can afford to pay, your dream house could just be a phone call away.  

You Are Never Home

The signs you need a new house are not all just space considerations. A time may come when you find that you are barely at your property. If you are spending all your time elsewhere, then it indeed would make sense to be in that location, right?

You could be spending all your downtime in the countryside when you are not working and only returning home to the city when necessary to sleep or prepare for the next workday. In this case, you need somewhere more rural. The same goes for people who live in the suburbs but find themselves in cities all the time. 

Smart Choices

You’ll find that you’ll get more for your dollar if you look for a home in a neighborhood that you enjoy spending all your time in. There are many houses considered to be prime real estate in the Sacramento region and the Bay area, meaning the location is ideal for people who enjoy that type of living.

Just be sure to partner with a real estate agent who knows the housing market and can show you houses that match all your needs. They have access to all the properties in California, so whatever city or neighborhood you are interested in buying a house in, they’ll have all the details you need.

Sacramento Real Estate

Sacramento housing is a hot commodity in the real estate market, and the demand is off the charts. You are not just buying extra space; you are essentially investing at the right time. Think about your circumstances, what you want from a property, and start searching. 

Next Real Estate Group is an expert in buying and selling real estate properties in the Sacramento area. If you need more space or want to relocate to a different location, we can help you find your ideal home within your budget at a price you can afford.

Contact us today to begin the search for your new home based on your individual needs. 

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