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Buying a new home in Sacramento can be very stressful. There are plenty of choices, but finding one in your price range might be challenging due to the demand.

Purchasing real estate is often a lifetime investment unless you are in it strictly for rental purposes. If not, you’ll want to be certain you are buying the home of your dreams.  

Aside from the usual back and forth on setting a budget, choosing a neighborhood, negotiating prices, and paying property taxes, you also have to decide between buying new construction or existing homes.

There are pros and cons to both choices, and in this article, we will explore all the options and give you the information needed to make an educated decision.

Pros of Buying an Existing Home

Buying an existing home may not come with all your preferences, but at least it is convenient, cost-effective, and the best option for many people. First-time homeowners and new families should consider buying an existing home for the following reasons:

You Get Something That Fits in Your Budget

Existing homes are mostly cheaper than new construction; however, depending on your specifications and the neighborhood you want to live in can be the deciding factor.

After you are pre-approved for a mortgage, you’ll know exactly how much you can spend on a house. With the help of a licensed real estate agent, your home search can be more straightforward and hassle-free. 

They can help you find a home that suits your needs and is within your budget. When you identify something you want, you can make an offer to the seller and see if they accept it or not.

This is where the negotiation skills of your agent will come into play to help you lock in the best price. After the seller accepts your offer and the lender approves it, you can get all your home inspections done to ensure there aren’t any unexpected costs for repairs. 

Your agent can also help with other formalities and paperwork to close the deal successfully. In a few weeks, you will become a new homeowner. The process can be a little cumbersome and frustrating, but you’ll forget about all that once you have the keys! 

No Time to Waste

When time is of the essence, buying an existing home will be the easiest and quickest way to get it closed and moved in. You may not have the time needed for waiting on new construction to be finalized for various reasons, such as a new job offer or job transfer.

Existing homes are typically move-in ready unless you opted for a fixer-upper. In that case, you may need to do some repairs before moving in, or at least half of the house can be renovated while you live on the other side.  


Buying an existing home can provide convenience, comfort, and choices. You can live in whichever neighborhood you prefer, provided you can afford a house there. 

You can choose a home based on proximity to your work, family, or kids’ school. You’ll have many options when looking at existing houses vs. new construction.  

Cons of Buying an Existing Home

Not Getting What You Want

One of the major disadvantages of buying an existing home is that you may not get what you want, or it may not meet all your needs, and you may have to compromise on some of the features or community amenities.

For example, if you have a new job lined up that entails relocating and finding a new home, you may not have as many options compared to not having these limitations.

On the bright side, you can buy a home that doesn’t have some features, such as a pool or fenced-in yard, and add these on after you close. You can also opt to renovate an older house to make it more modern and appealing.

Expensive to Maintain

Existing homes mostly come with the baggage of expenses, including costly repairs and renovations. Unlike new construction, these types of homes do not come with home warranties— so you’ll be on your own for any repairs. 

New Construction Homes

If you want to take charge of every single detail in your new home, then new construction is the way to go. Buying a brand new house in Sacramento is the ultimate choice for people planning to spend their retirement there.

If you are financially stable and not under pressure to move from your old home, then new construction can be the perfect way to get everything you ever dreamed of in your home.

It is also best for people who want to move away from densely populated areas and their accompanying noise, traffic congestion, and poor air quality.

Pros of New Construction

Purchasing new construction comes with many benefits, including:

Less Time Restricting 

Unlike buying an existing home, new construction can give you breathing space. The construction period varies depending on the type of house you choose and the builder’s schedule. 

Note: Your local authority may also have a specific timeframe for completing new homes. 

Building to Your Specifications

One of the significant advantages of building your own home is having some control of the design and specifications. Even if you are going for a new construction home, you can negotiate final delivery. 

Keep in mind that most developers have standard options and features already included in the home price. If you want to add additional items or make changes to the layout, you will need to pay extra money. 

Lower Maintenance Costs

Like with cars, newer ones have lower maintenance costs than older ones. Houses are no different; newly constructed homes will be more energy-efficient and offer lower utility costs. 

It may take longer for a newly constructed home to need any kind of renovation as well. Even if it does happen, the cost wouldn’t be as much as a pre-owned home because new homes typically come with warranties to fix any unexpected issues. 

They Are More Modern

New homes are built with the latest technology in mind, including wiring, roofing, and other features compatible with modern technology. They often have innovative options that provide a sense of security. 

Cons of New Construction

The Cost Factor

New construction generally has higher housing prices than existing homes, and it may not be realistic for people with tight budgets. In most cases, prices are not negotiable when buying a newly constructed home. 

The Cost Can Increase at Any Time

The price of new construction, especially customized ones, is vulnerable to price changes in supplies and services. If you budgeted an amount for your custom-built home, and prices of materials, labor costs, and other stuff increase, it will affect your previous budget.


Choosing between buying an existing home or new construction can depend heavily on your circumstances. It’s essential to weigh out all the options and then decide which is best for you. Contact us today to get more details about both options! 

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